Live on Kickstarter Apri1 2nd!

Super Squad High is a cooperative teen superhero adventure game for 1 to 4 players. A crime wave has struck the city, and only Super Squad can save the day! Fight crime, keep up your grades, and become besties or sweethearts with your classmates to learn clues and unmask the villain behind the crime wave. The twist — the villain is secretly one of your classmates!


Unique narrative dating mechanism. Test how well you know the likes, fears, and feelings of non-player classmates to become besties or sweethearts.

Fresh take on crime fighting. Your super powers and crime fighting gear are limited. Make difficult choices between saving the city buildings and citizens, taking bruises, or running late to class. Push your limits just like classic teen heroes from the comics!

Tense, thematic gameplay. Manage your time between schoolwork, fighting crime, and forming relationships with your classmates. Every choice matters as life pulls you in multiple directions.

Heroic teamwork. Use powers and costumes to back each other up. Patrol to get the drop on crime or face danger head-on to protect your teammates.